The Washington Post | October 7, 2015

The case for earned sick leave in Prince George’s

“It’s time for Prince George’s to join Montgomery County, the District and the 145 countries that have earned sick leave by passing this bill without further delay. ”

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The Washington Post | October 5, 2014

After Ferguson, U-Md. students, police tackle racial tension through basketball 

“The event’s organizers, the student group Do Better, said the game was an effort to address the tension created by the Aug. 9 shooting in Ferguson and to change the negative perceptions young black men and police officers often have of each other.’This is not Ferguson. It’s really not, but we do have similar problems,’ said freshman Julian Ivey, 19. ”

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The Washington Post | September 26, 2014

Prince George’s County is the right choice for the FBI 

“Maryland is home to more than 20 federal-agency headquarters, many of which are located in Montgomery County. NASA’s Goddard Space Center, located in Greenbelt, has had a long and mutually beneficial presence in Prince George’s County. Our chambers recognize these valuable strategic assets and have forged important partnerships to connect U.S. government agencies with the private sector and with one another. This helps the government meet its goal of contracting with small businesses. ”

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The Gazette | September 24, 2014

Prince George’s County residents debate possible county sites for FBI

“For the reasons they argue it could benefit Greenbelt, I think it could benefit Landover, because that’s in the central part of the county, and I think that part of the county needs more facilities,” said Robert Snyder of Greenbelt. “In this area, we already have the USDA facility. Go up further you’ve got the Patuxent Wildlife Refuge, we’ve got Goddard NASA. To our west, we’ve got the University of Maryland, the National Archives, the Federal courthouse. We have a lot of state and federal facilities in this part of the county.”

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